How to Motivate Yourself to Write

Motivating myself, especially when working on an emotional scene, is tough. Here are a few things that get me writing.

The Breadman: A Story We Can All Laugh At

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Learning to Love Myself

My story of coming out and getting some self love vs Blogger: The Ultimate Free Platform Showdown

The pros and cons of and blogger (Plus who I think is better)

Why Malls Give Me Anxiety

I don't go to the mall that often. When I did go yesterday with my family, I found myself facing anxiety attack after anxiety attack.

My Hopes and Goals for the Summer Months Ahead

My summer goals and bucket list

How to Pick the Best Name for your Blog

Picking a blog name is obviously very important for your blog. But what’s not so obvious is how hard it can be.

Should I Feel Bad for Changing my Goals and Deadlines?

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Why Planning is Important: For Bloggers and Novelists!

A look at the problems those who didn't plan might face.