About the Author

I’m a 2 am writing with a cup of coffee kind of girl (although I often prefer tea). As a student, I’m adapted to late nights and that has translated into many midnight writing sessions over the years. Many of these include late night reflections on writing and my life.


DSC_0141.JPGI didn’t want to put these reflections in a notebook and forget about them, I wanted to share them and help other writings on their journeys for voice. My mission is simple: encourage all aspiring writers to write and love what they do.


Although I am only young I have had some interesting experiences as a traveler and a wild one. These experiences end up on my blog or shared with my followers on social media (Twitter @GraceRTaylor and Instagram @gracertaylor)


So far I’m quite new to the writing scene, I’ve only had my blog for a few months and am just finishing my first draft of my first novel. However, I count this as a strength because I can take all of you on my journey as it unfolds.


Grace R Taylor