How to Pick the Best Name for your Blog

Picking a blog name is obviously very important for your blog. It’s your blog’s identity and brand. It’s what you’ll put in your bios and have associated with your name. But what’s not so obvious is how hard it can be.


You should take time to come up with your blog name. Don’t just settle for the first thing that pops in your head (like I did). Make up a list of names you like and that mean something to you. Take time to come up with as many as you can because we’re going to knock a lot of the list off.

Now you pare down your list by asking yourself the following questions:

Does this explain what my blog is about?

Not that your blog name should always explain your content but it does help with branding. The quickest way to demonstrate this is just your name and what your content is e.g. “GraceWrites”

Will it be out of date in five years? Ten years?

As your blog name will also serve as your URL (easier for people to remember and find you) it’s really expensive and hard to change. Stick to something that is timeless. No pop culture references unless that’s forever going to be what your blog is about.

Is it memorable?

If you want people to remember your blog on the internet it should have a memorable name.

Is the name already in use?

Hit up the internet and cross out any names that are in use or are close to something already in use. Search books, movies, other blogs, youtube channels, social media accounts, etc.

If you have none left brainstorm some more ideas but if you’re lucky you’ll have a few left. This leaves you with only one more thing to ask yourself:

What name means the most to you?


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