Should I Feel Bad for Changing my Goals and Deadlines?

At the beginning of the second to last week in May I tweeted my goal for the week, 11 000 words, aka finishing the first draft of my manuscript. A week later it wasn’t finished. So I changed my deadline, the end of the month. But the end of the month came and went and I still had 8 000 words to write. Over two weeks I had written only 3 000 words. A real low for me. Each time I changed my goal or deadline for writing I felt bad. I felt like I had failed.

But should I?

Should I feel Bad For Changing My Goals and Deadlines.png

Often when I changed my daily writing goal or my deadline it was because stuff kept coming up. I had to balance my responsibilities. Often that meant less time spent on writing so I could get everything time sensitive done, and also work. May was a really busy month for me, I should be happy I wrote as much as I did. Especially in the last two weeks.

It happens at the time that I’ll set a big goal, “Today I’ll write 4 000 words” but over the course of the day realize it’s too much. I’ll be working away but something else will need to be taken care of or I’ll get stuck on a scene and before I know it, half the day is gone and I have 500 words down. I know I shouldn’t feel bad about changing my goal to be more manageable, but I do.

So I’m making some changes. I’m going to set goals that I can reach. Every goal will be broken down into a plan so I know what I am doing and can see how long it will actually take. These steps will work towards changing goals and deadline less, but even if I still have to change one I’m going to not feel bad about it. I need to look at the big picture and remember a daily goal isn’t as important as actually working towards my goals and actually sitting down and writing even if I’m busy.

Anyone else struggling with reaching your goals? Or maybe you have an awesome system that never fails to manage your writing time. Either way, I’d love to hear from you. You can leave a comment or chat with me on social media (Twitter @GraceRTaylor and Instagram @gracertaylor)Don’t forget to follow my blog for my Monday posts.


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