Why Planning is Important: For Bloggers and Novelists!

About to start a book or a blog? Something very important to consider is a plan of action. As I said in a previous post, How to Avoid Blog Failure having a plan can be critical to success. It is possible to write a blog or novel without a plan, but it can cause problems. As someone who writes both, I’ve gotten a look at such problems.

The Importance Of Planning- Blogs And Novels.png


I started my book with a general idea of the end and the beginning. 10 000 words in I realized I had made a mistake. This was the first book that I was going to finish. I was determined to finish but I had no idea how. All because I didn’t have a plan for my novel. So I stumbled around in the dark and wrote words that I will have to reorder and rewrite in the editing phase. Making much more work for myself. For someone who loves planning, I hate plotting. So far it’s the thing I struggle most with as a writer. But ah, such is life.

By plotting out your book in advance you can write faster, without spending hours deciding when to write an important plot point or what order things should be in. You’ll avoid random tangents you’ll have to delete later and can unnecessarily increase your writing and editing time.

I’m definitely plotting out my next work. For my current work I have made a loose outline for the rest of the book (which is almost done), but having an outline from the start would have been awesome. One thing I did plan was my character arcs. I knew how and when my characters had to develop so I used that as a base for the plot.


As someone who can actually plan a blog, I have a leg to stand on here. As I mentioned in my post, How to Avoid Blog Failure planning you blog out is essential. Its important to plan out not just when you post but also what your posts are about. By having a similar theme to your posts it will attract more of the same type of readers, and more readers in general.

Consistency in posting on your blog is important also for readership. It’s easier for people to remember to come back to your blog if you have a set posting day. Posting regularly also holds you accountable for when you fail to post. Posting randomly leaves room for long breaks in posting or forgetting to post altogether (The reason one of my blogs failed). Getting more posts out there for people to read.

I’m obviously all for planning blog posts with two plans of my own, a year at a glance and a calendar. Both have their own selling points, the year at a glance makes it easier for connecting posts where the calendar, being on my computer, is easier to edit. I’d recommend trying a few things out to see what works best for you.


As you may know, I post writing tips every second Monday and personal blogs on the other Mondays. If you want a reminder every post click “subscribe”. This month’s writing posts were all about planning, and next month is all about starting blogs. Also, follow me on Twitter @GraceRTaylor and Instagram @gracertaylor  I post when new stuff is going on with the blog and about writing in general. 

Feel free to comment below if you want me to write any more planning post, specifically about my process or just general.


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