So What Now? Life After High School

Recently I graduated from High School. Yay! Freedom! But what now? What do I want to do with my life? Luckily, I am a planner. I love planning, next stop university. But wait, there’s a whole in between. I have to get through summer first. I need to figure out what I want to do this summer to make it memorable while I still can.

So What Now- Life and Plans After High School.png

When I finished school I did a comprehensive clean of my room. (It had needed it, while I was going through exams I was basically a tornado in there.) When I was going through my desk, I found a list from last summer of a list of goals for myself:

Short term goals:

Read more

Be healthier

  • Run more
  • Eat better

Volunteer more

Write more

Be more creative

Have more fun

Spend more time with friends

Start taking yoga

Long term goals:

Publish a book

Travel more

Save money

I had completely forgotten about this list, but the wonderful thing is I accomplished all the short term goals. Except for yoga, I tried yoga. It was a nice idea. The long-term goals are going to take, well, longer. They will probably be accomplished in the next three years, giving me something to do besides university.

I’ve already started working on saving money, I need it to do everything else. So I’ve been working and spending as little as I can. I’ve realized that I spend most of my money on food or coffee when I’m out so packing my lunch is the way forwards.

I’ve also have travel planned, some of that money I’m saving is coming in handy. I am not going to “Travel more” than last year or the year before but I am doing the same amount. That is, one international trip. I might take more but with limited time and resources due to everything else that I’m doing, travel must be modest. This summer I’m taking a trip to South America!

Publishing a book is a big one. It’s totally new territory for me. I plan to publish my first book in the next two years. There’s still tons to do to get the book ready, but it’s coming. My summer is going to be consumed with finishing the book, working to save money, and traveling. Last year I would have expected my long term goals to take longer, now they’re in reach. I guess I need to start thinking about what’s next.

As for this summer, it’s going to be spent writing, traveling, working, and spending time with my friends. I want to make the most out of this summer and make memories I can carry with me to university in the fall. I’ll keep everyone posted on everything I get up to on my Instagram @gracertaylor and Twitter @GraceRTaylor . Don’t forget to follow my blog for more Monday post and a future “Summer Goals” post.


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